Calibration standards and other accessories from Gonotec

Measuring vessels for OSMOMAT 3000/030/010 PU 1000, Order No. 30.9.0010
Measuring vessels for OSMOMAT auto. Order no.35.9.0010
Gonotec measuring vessels are constantly controlled and grant thus the expected reproducibility of the measuring results.
Ink ribbon cassette PU 1, Order No. 30.9.1020 Original Gonotec endless-ink ribbon cassette
Printer paper PU 8 Order No. 30.9.1010 Original Gonotec rolls of printer paper
Cleaning paper for OSMOMAT auto. Order no. 35.9.1030
Thermistor probe for OSMOMAT 3000, 50 µl sample volume PU 1 Order No. 32.3.0010
Thermistor probe for OSMOMAT 3000-M, 15 µl sample volume PU 1 Order No. 32.3.2010

Kalibreringsstandarder fra Gonotec
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