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Alias™ autosampler Alias™ autosampler

Alias™ autosampler

ALIAS™ is a generic autosampler for HPLC and LC-MS using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles. Efficient, multi-solvent needle wash virtually eliminates carry-over. ALIAS™ handles well plates and sample vials, either open or sealed, and provides true 4°C sample cooling. Its compact, stackable design and unrivalled performance make the ALIAS™ autosampler the best fit for your HPLC system… and your UHPLC system!



ACE™ Automatic Cartridge Exchanger ACE™ Automatic Cartridge Exchanger

ACE™ Automatic Cartridge Exchanger

Combining the best of the on-line and off-line SPE worlds. Off-line SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) provides cartridge refreshment for every sample, avoiding the risk of retention change and carry-over. However, limited pressure resistance prohibits the use of small sorbent particles. Off-line elution of the sample requires collection and reformatting (often including evaporation and reconstitution) into autosampler vials or wells. And finally… injection into the LC system! It also requires at least one manual transfer of collected samples from the SPE robot to the LC system.

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