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Integrated PuriFlash ELSD Integrated PuriFlash ELSD

Integrated PuriFlash ELSD

With hood and bench space at a premium, the puriFlash integrated ELSD offers the ultimate solution. The ELSD is integrated into the fraction collector with easy access to the nebulization chamber and flow splitter. The integrated design offers un-paralleled convenience for routine operation and maintenance. High collection capacity is easily managed with three racks (13, 16, 18, 21, 25 or 29.5mm tubes). Add the fume enclosure option and locate the entire instrument on a bench saving valuable hood-space.

Integrity™ autosampler Integrity™ autosampler

Integrity™ autosampler

Integrity™State-of-the-art injection technology is important, naturally. And rapid sample turn-around time is very helpful, of course. Certainly, large sample capacity is very convenient, no doubt. But this all becomes irrelevant if you have only the slightest doubts about the integrity of the samples that you injected!

Yet, while injection technology and capacity have seen great advances over the last 30 years, measures to maintain and control sample integrity have had little attention from instrument manufacturers. Until now. The new INTEGRITY™ autosampler from Spark sets a new standard in sample care.


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