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Sampilio X8 (SX8) - Autosampler Sampilio X8 (SX8) - Autosampler

Sampilio X8 (SX8) - Autosampler

The innovative Dissolution Auto Sampler with the possibility for direct sample transfer to UV or HPLC.

Innovative handling technology:

The SAMPILIO X8 represents a new generation of dissolution sampler, not using a peristaltic or syringe, but small volume diaphragm pumps.

Symbiosis™ Pro Symbiosis™ Pro

Symbiosis™ Pro

Symbiosis™ Pharma is Spark Holland's unique solution for integrated online SPE-LC-MS automation (XLC-MS). The system offers large flexibility in processing different types of samples selecting one of the three fully automated operational modes LC-MS (direct LC without SPE); XLC-MS (online SPE coupled to LC-MS); AMD (advanced method development).

Symbiosis™ Pico Symbiosis™ Pico

Symbiosis™ Pico

The Symbiosis™ Pico System offers all the basic advantages of online SPE to increase assay performance while reducing method development time. With the solvent selector in the V20 pumps and the column selector in the NEW Mistral™ it also allows you to run multiple batches under different LC conditions.

Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE

Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE

Spark Holland's easy introduction to on-line SPE. The Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE system can be connected to any LC, UHPLC and LC-MS configuration. The system works with the Spark 10 mm SPE cartridges or with a third party SPE column. Spark introduces two versions; the "Routine" Fixed SPE with one Spark cartridge or one SPE column and the Advanced" Fixed SPE 6 cartridges or SPE columns and the possiblity to bypass the SPE module and perform a direct LC injection.

Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer 280i Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer 280i

Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer 280i

The Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NOA 280i) offers the most versatile detection system for Nitric Oxide (NO) analysis. Using Zysense LLC's highly sensitive, ozone-chemiluminescence technology, the NOA 280i has unsurpassed versatility for liquid and exhaled breath nitric oxide (NO) measurement.

With over 10000 publications using the Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer, the NOA 280i has proven to be the instrumentation of choice by researchers worldwide. The Sievers NOA can be used to measure liquid samples or exhaled breath samples of nitric oxide.

MD Scientific is authorised distributor in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

SPE 6.25ws - Interchim SPE 6.25ws - Interchim

SPE 6.25ws - Interchim

Compact Solid Phase Extraction WorkStation. Makes your Sample Prep Easier, Intuitive & Productive.

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