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UHPLC Gradient Pump + Alias. 1240 bar (18000 psi). Up to 5 mL/min. High pressure gradient. Build in degasser. Ideal for HPLC, UHPLC and Core Shell.



Ideal for HPLC, UHPLC and Core Shell. Injection volume from 1 µL to 1000 µL. Very low carry-over due to multiple wash solvents. Sample cooling. 12 high well plates. 24 low well plates, or 500 vials.

Ultra high pressure pump Ultra high pressure pump

Ultra high pressure pump

Ultra high pressure pumps enable use of longer columns, higher flow rates and smaller particles. The optimum combination of these parameters may vary largely with the requirements of your assay. So why would you select an UHPLC pump that restricts your options within a limited flow or pressure range? SPH1240™ provides 18,000 psi for the entire range of analytical flow rates.

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