• DBS Autosampler
  • PicoOnlineSPE System
  • YL6100 PC 1
  • Ecosec Offen72
  • Osmomat3000
  • Interchim Puriflash


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GC systems

As one of the leading analytical instrument manufacturers, YL Instruments has produced reliable and superior chromatographs for more than 20 years through constant research and development. Robust products at reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

YL Instruments produces high-quality analytical instruments such as GC, HPLC, AAS and FT-IR with remarkable stability, outstanding reliability, and superior sensitivity. We also provide Chromatography Data System.YL Instruments has well-trained distributors in more than 50 countries.

YL also deliver Chromatography Data Systems.

YL6500 GC system YL6500 GC system

YL6500 GC system

YL's 5th-generation GC is starting to be a new powerful leader in a GC market. With strongly enhanced APCs (Advanced Pneumatic Control), installation of three units of inlet and detector for each enables to extend the various GC configurations to perform complex analyses...

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