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Kombineret nitrogen-air gasgenerator

ALLIA –  Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator

MAESTRO-8050/1 – Combined N2/AIR generator for Shimadzu LCMS

MAESTRO-DF/EVOQ-TQ – Combined N2/AIR generator for Bruker LCMS

MAESTRO-DF/1-QSIGHT – Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator for Perkin Elmer LCMS

MAESTRO-TF LCMS –  Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator for ABI SCIEX LCMS

THYSTER-DF/PEGA – Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator for LECO PEGASUS

THYSTER-DF/MP-AES – Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator for Agilent MP-AES


  • Increased laboratory efficiency
    A constant, uninterrupted gas supply of guaranteed purity eliminates interruptions of analyses to change cylinders and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibrations required.
  • Improved economy
    Pure nitrogen and Pure air gas produced as standard.
  • Improved safety
    Nitrogen and Pure Air produced at low pressure and ambient temperature removes the need for high pressure cylinders.
  • Security of supply
    Integral oil free air compressor as an option guarantees continuous gas supply, independent of in house compressed air supply.
  • Simple installation
    Gas generators can be installed in the laboratory, on or under a bench, eliminating the need for long gas lines from cylinders secured elsewhere.


The combined N2/Air generator eliminates the need for costly, inconvenient high pressure cylinders in the laboratory. Including an integral oil free air compressor in option, the combined nitrogen/air generators deliver a continuous stream of pure nitrogen gas > 99.9995% and grade purified air with HCs content < 0.1 ppm, ideal for applications, such as, GC carrier gas, make up and GC-FID.

Nitrogen is produced by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to remove oxygen, carbon dioxide and water from compressed air and purified air is produced by using an activated alumina column.

The Generator is controlled using the latest in HMI touch screen technology to display the process in real time, inlet/outlet pressures.

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