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Innovative technology for front-end sample handling

30 years of continuous innovation have established Spark Holland's reputation as a leading provider of technology for on-line devices and systems, enabling highly efficient (SPE-)LC-MS/MS workflows. Especially in the field of sample introduction and online SPE, Spark Holland has always been a pioneer introducing an extensive list of innovations.

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) autosampler Dried Blood Spot (DBS) autosampler

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) autosampler

Dried blood spot (DBS) sampling is an emerging technology for bioanalysis, especially useful in the clinical and pharmaceutical laboratory, offering easy sample collection, transport and storage. Our revolutionary DBS Autosampler maintains the integrity of the sample through automation, offering time and cost savings.

Innovative patented Flow-through desorption technology (FTD™)* provides direct elution of DBS from cards, offering not only consistent quality, while eliminating the inconsistency of tedious manual disc punching or costly robotics, but also allowing the option of on-line clean-up and analyte separation by SPE prior to analysis in an automated workflow.

Integrity™ autosampler Integrity™ autosampler

Integrity™ autosampler

Integrity™State-of-the-art injection technology is important, naturally. And rapid sample turn-around time is very helpful, of course. Certainly, large sample capacity is very convenient, no doubt. But this all becomes irrelevant if you have only the slightest doubts about the integrity of the samples that you injected!

Yet, while injection technology and capacity have seen great advances over the last 30 years, measures to maintain and control sample integrity have had little attention from instrument manufacturers. Until now. The new INTEGRITY™ autosampler from Spark sets a new standard in sample care.


Alias™ autosampler Alias™ autosampler

Alias™ autosampler

ALIAS™ is a generic autosampler for HPLC and LC-MS using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles. Efficient, multi-solvent needle wash virtually eliminates carry-over. ALIAS™ handles well plates and sample vials, either open or sealed, and provides true 4°C sample cooling. Its compact, stackable design and unrivalled performance make the ALIAS™ autosampler the best fit for your HPLC system… and your UHPLC system!



Optimas™ autosampler Optimas™ autosampler

Optimas™ autosampler

OPTIMAS™ offers robust autosampling at an affordable price. It is our only autosampler with keypad operation, enabling simple automation of any existing HPLC without the need for software integration or communication. OPTIMAS™ features our proven PASA™ injection concept, combining robust injection with high precision and accuracy. With its three injection modes including zero sample loss injection, OPTIMAS™ rivals top-class autosampler performance, while challenging middle-class autosampler prices!



Reliance™ autosampler Reliance™ autosampler

Reliance™ autosampler

The introduction of modern fast detection and data acquisition methods has caused a significant increase in the number of samples processed in laboratories. In contrast, labour resources and process time frames are severely under pressure. Speed, quality and reliability of the installed instrumentation are therefore more important than ever. Our 5th generation autosampler, the Reliance™ high throughput conditioned autosampler offers maximum throughput and flexibility in sample introduction.



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