• puriFlash® Columns – The separation tools
    – Manufactured by Interchim under proprietary packing “Accurate Bed Technology™
    – Purification results equivalent to a Prep LC column
    – Compatible with any Flash system
    – Stable @ up to 22 bars* /308 psi
  • puriFlash® Columns – The separation tools – choose the right media
    – Media selection requires consideration of sample volume, the nature of the analyte, analyte concentration and the inherent properties of the sorbent itself.
    – Polymer loading capacities are higher than silica, however, silica sorbents exhibit greater selectivity.
  • Silicas:
    – Silica & bonded silica are rigid supports that do not shrink or swell with solvents.
    – The silica surface can be easily modified, this creates a potential for a large selectivity for purification from hydrophobic to hydrophilic interactions.
    – The pH stability of bonded silica is limited, typically to within the range of 2 to 7.5, this is chemistry dependant.
    – Interchim offers more than 20 different silica based selectivities.
    – Interchim’s sorbents take advantage of our ultra pure spherical silica, and this achieves greater reproducibility, and establishes optimized sample recoveries.
  • Polymers:
    Polymer sorbents are very stable from pH 1 to 14, they exhibit high loading capacities allowing for the purification of a broad range of compounds.
    – Interchim’s polymers have a very high specific surface area that maximises pi-pi interactions.
    – The capacity of our polymers are typically 15% greater than competitive polymers and 25% higher than silicas.
    – These polymers are particularly suited for polar compound purification.
    – The polymer surface can be easily modified and facilitates a large selectivity range from hydrophobic to hydrophilic interactions.

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