Interchim introduced the first instrument to perform Prep HPLC and Flash purification in a single system. The versatility of the product makes it suitable for use in lab-scale purification to large-scale production. The standard instrument provides UV-DAD triggered collection with a simple touch-screen display. Detector options include Mass Spec, ELSD, Conductivity and RI. Automation options include an autosampler, two- or ten-column switching and multiple collectors.

All PuriFlash instruments use HPLC pumps which are virtually maintenance free and provide many years of continuous service. The pumps are specifically designed for Prep-HPLC and ideal for Flash chromatography. The modular design of the PuriFlash product line allows for upgrading to a different pump, detector or collector at any time.

Flash Purification

PuriFlash PF215: 200 ml/min, 220 PSI
PuriFlash PF430: 200 ml/min, 435 PSI
PuriFlash PF800: 800 ml/min, 145 PSI
Sample Loading: 10mg to 600g
Flash Columns up to 3.0kg

Flash & Prep HPLC

PuriFlash PF4250: 250 ml/min, 3625 PSI
PuriFlash PF4100: 250 ml/min, 1450 PSI
PuriFlash PF450: 250 ml/min, 725 PSI
Flash Sample Loading: 10mg to 160g
Prep HPLC Loading: 10mg to 5g
Prep HPLC Columns up to 75mm ID
Flash Columns up to 1250g

All instrumentsTrue Quaternary GradientHPLC pump technologyUV triggered collection and optional Mass SpecELSD Detection and UV Vis.

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