Master Classes with John Dolan
MD Scientific har gennem flere år tilbudt HPLC træningskursus på Symbion i København med den verdenskendte ekspert John Dolan som underviser:

Advanced LC Method Development: Best Practices for HPLC and UHPLC (to dage)
A comprehensive course in liquid chromatography method development using Quality by Design (QbD)

HPLC and UHPLC Troubleshooting: A Performance Qualification Approach (en dag)
A comprehensive short course in the isolation, correction, and prevention of liquid chromatographic problems.

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About Dr. John Dolan
Dr. John Dolan is best known as the author of the LC Troubleshooting column in LCGC Magazine, contributing over 375 installments over the last 33 years. He also has published over 130 scientific articles with emphasis on method development techniques, gradient elution, and column selectivity. He is the author (with Lloyd Snyder) of three books, Troubleshooting LC Systems, High-Performance Gradient Elution, and the 3rd edition of Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography (also with Jack Kirkland) – often referred to as the Bible of HPLC. Over the last 32 years as one of the principals of LC Resources, he has provided consultation services, written the well-known DryLab method development software, managed a contract method development and analysis laboratory, and taught more than 10,000 students in short courses. John brings all this experience to each class along with his love for teaching – the result is what students often write on their feedback forms: “the best HPLC class I ever took.”


MD Scientific kan tilbyde kurser i de forskellige instrumenter, vi sælger.

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