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On-line SPE (or column switching, or 2D LC) permits use of small sorbent particles for efficient SPE plus elution of the sample directly into the LC system by the mobile phase. Maximum SPE efficiency plus maximum SPE-LC automation. But…column switching does not allow frequent automated refreshment of the SPE column or cartridge. The Spark ACETM eliminates this shortcoming. It selects a fresh cartridge as often as you want andseals it against the pressure of your LC system for on-line elution. ACETM combines the flexibility of off-line SPE with the performance and automation of on-line SPE.

Disposable SPE cartridges sealed up to 300 barSingle use or re-use of SPE cartridge – your choice Wide range of SPE chemistriesStandard two trays of 96 cartridges eachDual clamp option for parallel SPE and 2D-SPE

Download the ACE – Automatic Cartridge Exchanger brochure.

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