ALEXYS LC/ECD analyseudstyr



LC 110S – Superior performance

LC 110

  • Optimized for ECD applications
  • Ultra low pulsation
  • High accuracy at low µL flow rates
  • Automated piston wash
  • High pressure capability

ALEXYS Autosampler

AS 110 – Fast and robust


  • Fast, accurate & reproducible
  • Unique needle concept
  • Sample pick-up down to 1µL
  • Cooled sample tray
  • Well plates or vials

ALEXYS Organizer

OR 110 – Organizer, degasser and power distributor

Organizer OR 110

  • Mains power distributor for ALEXYS
  • Integrated pulse dampers
  • Multi channel degasser:
  • Two independent vacuum channels (upgradeable to 5)
  • Dead volume 480 µl per channel
  • Continuous vacuum degassing by means of a variable RPM vacuum pump
  • Teflon AF

ALEXYS Applications

For over 25 years, Antec is known for its electrochemical detectors (ECD), providing unprecedented sensitivity in HPLC analyses. In almost any kind of application in conventional HPLC, UHPLC, Micro-, Capillary- and Nano HPLC, ECD is extremely selective and sensitive. It is applied routinely in a number of analyses such as neurotransmitters, (poly)phenols, carbohydrates, and a large variety of pharmaceutical compounds.

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