CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus


Flexible UHPLC with online SPE front end for research & development.

The CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic system, this system offers all the advantages of online SPE to increase assay performance while reducing method development time. With this system your SPE method development time can be faster compared to offline SPE. Because of all variable steps explored during method development, you will receive direct feedback and can calculate what the sample prep recoveries are for each optimization step. Alternatively, you can start with standardized and pre-set SPE protocols to be slightly modified.
With the Solvent Selector in the SPH1299 pumps and the optional Column Selector in the NEW Mistral™ it also allows you to run multiple batches under different LC conditions. You can even choose to do direct injection or to include the extraction, without reconfiguring your system hardware! The mix and dilute routine will be handled by the innovative and flexible PAL Autosampler. Sample preparation steps such as adding internal standard can also be performed. The system is equipped with a Dual Clamp ACE module for 250 bar cartridges. This allows to prepare the cartridge on one side and to elute to the HPLC column to analyze your sample at the same time by using the second cartridge clamp. This reduces the sample prep time to almost zero because the sample prep is done within the LC-MS analysis time.
In this configuration, it is also possible to do LC peak focussing with mixed mode SPE cartridges. Your cartridge will be eluted by the HPD, the UHPLC pump will add the HPLC solvent in front of the column focussing the eluted sample on the LC column. The Plus system can be used for 2D-SPE, you can perform orthogonal SPE with two different types of SPE cartridges. This increases your sample clean-up and by running 2 SPE cartridges in series also you will have a fast SPE method development. For example, in this way you can easily notice if you have or do not have a breakthrough of your sample on the SPE cartridge.

CHRONECT Symbiosis is controlled by CHRONOS Symbiosis, a software platform developed by Axel Semrau®. CHRONOS controls the entire system in an efficient and intelligent way and enhances sample throughput by performing overlapping processes. The cartridge will be prepared while the analytics are running. CHRONOS organizes the connection to the LC-MS. All CHRONECT Symbiosis Systems process multiple batches/assays fast and reliably with the highest analytical performance, fully unattended.

System configuration

Two systems in one: Automated HPLC injections and SPE sample prep for HPLC-MS analysis

  • SPH1299 UHPLC gradient pump with 2×2 solvent selections
  • SPH1299 UHPLC pump
  • ACE dual clamp 250 bar, 4x UHPLC valves
  • HPD Mix 1x SSM / Organizer, Mistral Cool
  • PAL LSI Autosampler with second valve
  • CHRONOS Symbiosis for control


  • Fully automated and unattended switching between HPLC-MS and SPE-HPLC-MS
  • Concurrent SPE sample clean-up and online-SPE-LC-MS analysis, giving zero sample prep time
  • Standardized and fast SPE method development
  • Easy to optimize SPE method protocols, reducing LC-MS ionization suppression and sample carry-over
  • LC Peak Focussing mode applying Mixed Mode SPE protocols for efficient and more cleaner sample preparations
  • Injection volume variable, standard: 100 µL
  • Automatic UHPLC solvent compressibility compensation and automatic purge & prime functions
  • Fast Wash of syringe, aspire & dispense
  • Internal standard addition

With additional options

  • Mistral CS Cool UHPLC for easy column handling
  • Sample cooling with Peltier Stacks (4 to 40 °C)
  • Solvent Module with 3 extra solvents for PAL Sampler
  • Higher capacity with more racks
  • Better mixing with vortexer or agitator
  • Integration in workflows with 2D Barcode Reader

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific at or +45 7027 8565.