DEIMOS UZA.TOTAL Ultra Zero Air Total Gas generator


  • Zero Air
  • GC-FID, GC-FPD, GC-NPD, Gas sensing

F-DGS’s DEIMOS UZA.TOTAL Ultra Zero Air generators is able to remove Total hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm and others polluant like H2O, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2.

CO and THCs are removed using heated catalyst. H2O andCO2 are removed with dual molecular sieve PSA system.
NOx is removed with Purafil and SO2 is removed with and activated charcoal filter.

The DEIMOS UZA.TOTAL is available with integrated oil free air compressor using the Energy Saving Technology mode (EST). It is extremely compact and quiet in operation.

The generator is controlled using the latest color in touch screen technology to display the process in real time, inlet / outlet pressure, Air Flow and status of the system with remote access for diagnostic control.

Reference :

DEIMOS.UZA.TOTAL.[Flow rate]/1 (with compressor)



The reduction of H2O, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2 decreases the background noise level and gives the baseline much better stability, considerably increasing detector sensitivity and ensuring precise analytical results.


A constant, uninterrupted gas supply of guaranteed purity eliminates interruptions of analyses to change cylinders and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibrations required.


The unit only requires connection to a suitable socket for model with integrated compressor. The investment can be paid back in less than one year.


Ultra Zero Air Total produced at low pressure and ambient temperature removes the need for high pressure cylinders.


Do not requires external compressed air supply


Gas generators can be installed in the laboratory, on or under a bench, eliminating the need for long gas lines from cylinders secured elsewhere


  • Intelligent color touch screen to provide simple and user friendly management of all functions of the unit
  • With integral oil free air compressor
  • Quiet thanks to the Soundproofed compressor box and anti-vibration features
  • Auto start
  • Audible alarm display and Visual maintenance indication with history log
  • Outlet flow indicator
  • Energy Saving Technology (EST) :
    – Switch off the compressor when gas supply is not required
    – Allowing low energy consumption and increasing durability of the compressor
  • Remote PC monitoring and diagnostic analysis via USB to interface the unit with customer’s PC software (allow to carry out checks and maintenance effectively, only via a remote connection)
  • Compact design
  • Fit with wheels

Mere information

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