DPX RC nozzle


Remote Control for your Dissolution Media Delivery Station DissoPrep X8 or X15

The Remote Control Nozzle is a dosage nozzle with a remote control. The buttons ENTER, START and STOP may be operated remotely.

Connected with the Dissolution Media Delivery Station DissoPrep X8 or X15 the Remote Control Nozzle allows a more comfortable and safer dosage into the vessels in comparison to the standard medium outlet tube. You may directly fill the vessels standing at the dissolution tester without having to use the operation field of the DissoPrep.

Since mid-2008 not only the medium outlet tube of the remote control nozzle, but also the electrical connection has now been attached at the front rather than at the back to ensure the simple connection and safe handling when in use.

Materials:, PP, PVC
Weight: 0.25 kg

Article numbers
0406.0048 S/N < 28080322
0406.0005 S/N > 28080321

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