DPX RC software


Software for the easy administration and control of the DissoPrep X8 or X15

The Remote Control RC Software for PCs manages up to 51 methods incl. method “0” and all protocols of dosages, calibrations and validations of the DissoPrep X8 or X15.

With the RC Software the methods and their relevant method parameters for the medium preparation may be stored individually. The methods can be described, e.g. the medium composition, the dosage volume, the vessel quantity, the degasification time, the temperature and a note. Entries of a method or the change of methods are quickly and simply to perform.

According to the GLP requirements the method parameters, except for the method “0”, may not be changed at the DissoPrep X8 or X15 itself.

The methods and protocols can be printed comfortably on the printer attached to the PC or network.

The software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.