easyDISS TX6/TX8 – Tables dissolution testers


The special features of the easyDISS are:

  • Sturdy, robust construction for a maximum of reliablity
  • Certificate of Compliance to USP/PH.Eur.
  • Easy to use operation with e.g.
  • Screw.in baskets and paddles for method changes is seconds
  • “Easy-Centre” vessel fixture for vessel changes in seconds
  • Protocol print-outs by parallel or USB port
  • etc.

A lot of accessories are available:

  • Laser Numbering and Certification
  • Teflon Coating
  • Amber vessels and covers
  • Automatic Tablet Drop System
  • Padle over Disk according USP5
  • Rotating Cylinders according USP6
  • Immersion Cell for testing of semisolids
  • Small Volume Conversion Kits
  • Intrinsic Dissolution
  • etc.

Further information you will find in the following brochure:

For flere detaljer og pris, kontakt venligst MD Scientific via e-mail: info@md-scientific.dk eller telefon: 7027 8565.