Preparative Integrated ELSD
Secure your purification by a Universal Detector

  • Even non chromophore are now visible
  • Specifically developed for purification Mass response detector
  • Full control of the split and the inlet flow
  • True purification design nebulizer: no clogging
  • Large dynamic range: mg up to hundred g
  • Easy access /easy maintenance
SEDERE low temperature technology:
This technology provides greater sensitivity due to both the nebulizer that enables droplets selection and effective photomultiplier.
With this patented technology nebulizer, the droplets dry-up faster at low temperature, providing appropriate signal intensities for the semi-volatile compounds. This technology requires no additional peripheral, such as a nebulizer with heating system (spray chamber) or an evaporation tube (Peltier cooling) that can degrade the heat-sensitive compounds.
  • Dynamic Gain SAGA
  • Detection: high sensitivity photodiode
  • Source: LED (470 nm)
  • Ambient temperature
    to 100 ° C
  • Dynamic Split:
    sample in DEDL
  • Sensitivity: <100 ng
    caffeine (LOD)
  • Gas: 2.5 l / min – 2 bar

Mere information

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