• -40°C
  • GC-FID, GC-ATD, NMR, Rheometer, Atomic absorption

Compressed air is an important source of energy that is widely used throughout industry.
This safe and reliable utility is often the most important part of a production process.

However, atmospheric air contains water vapour, which condenses to water droplets when the compressed air cools. Water and dirt in compressed air causes a major inconvenience and cost to the user, as it may damage the equipment connected to the compressor.

At the same time, moisture and heat from the compression of the air create favourable conditions for growth of microorganisms. If the compressed air is in direct contact with human beings, animals, food or medical equipment, hygiene problems may arise

Reference :
NDL.[Flow rate]



The dryer meets the highest standards of purity and delivers air in accordance with ISO 8573:1 – 2001, Class 2 dirt (1 micron) and Class 2 water (-40°C pressure dewpoint).


– Condensate collected in bottom of dryer column is vented with every dryer cycle

– Removal of condensate by timed solenoid valve improves reliability

– Small amounts of condensate are exhausted frequently, eliminating the risk associated with float drain malfunction

– Purge adjustment screws are located after fine dust filtration, eliminating the possibility of contamination and loss of performance.


– Probably the most energy efficient product of it’s type*

– Elimination of external filters and improved design reduces pressure drop through the dryer by 60%*


  • Quality air obtained : – Water dewpoint less than -40°C (-40°F) – Particles < 1 micron
  • Patented PSA Technology : Operation and regeneration fully automatic
  • Complete purification unit : Integrating pre and post filtration and condensate drain
  • Turnkey solution : Compact, and lightweight design
  • Easy maintenance : Single cartridge containing filtration and dessicant which can be easily exchanged without the need for special tools
  • PLC Screen : Dryer status, maintenance indication with alarm
  • Option : ENERGY SAVING
    Integrated hygrometer allowing to adjust the regeneration cycles in function of the output dewpoint