Protocol printer


The protocol printer PD-40Z is a dot-matrix printer with a colour ribbon and a normal paper roll of 76 mm in width. The printer is used in a parallel printer interface Centronix (ASCII Code) or an USB-interface.

The reliability MCBF amounts to 80 million characters.

The advantage of this little dot-matrix printer is its compact dimensions compared to conventional printers. It can be placed on the DissoPrep X8 / X15 or Sampilio X8. Popular printer models may not be challenged on the DissoPrep X8 / X15 or Sampilio X8 because of their weight and dimensions.

Of course we are offering also suitable DIN-A4-Laser-Printers with parallel and USB-interface – e.g. article-number DPX-PRNITER-DINA4 – if this paper format is preferred.