Intelligent Modular Design

The modular design of puriFlash instruments provides a level of flexibility to meet changing purification requirements. Upgrade at any time to a higher pressure or higher flow pump, additional detector (ELSD, RI, MS) or additional collector.

External fluid connections including check valves and pump seals provide easy access for the end user.

Save valuable hood space and locate the instrument on a bench with the fraction collector fume enclosure option.

Fraction Collector 4 Racks, 176 x 18mm Tubes

Full Size Keyboard Solvent Resistant

HPLC Pump True Quaternary Gradient 200 ml/min, 220 PSI/15 bar

UV Detector Dual Wavelength DAD 200 – 600 nm + Scanning Spectral View & Purity Confirmation

Sample Loading Dry Load & Liquid Load High Volume, Through-Pump, Multiple Injection Sequence

Integrated Column Holder (Option FV2790)

PF215: Part No. JO1240

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • InterSoft 5.0, Free Upgrades
  • Solvent Level Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Ethernet Ready

Why are HPLC pumps better? Reliable Performance & Low Maintenance

HPLC pump design has evolved to a point where years of continuous service is the norm. The low dead volume pump achieves shallow, reproducible gradients without having to pre–mix solvents. Annual maintenance is done in a matter of minutes by replacing the pump seals and check valves.

Other flash systems rely upon syringe pumps or gear pumps which require routine service to maintain optimum performance. Shallow gradients require the end user to pre-mix solvents. Flow rates are inconsistent due to the periodic re-filling of the syringes throughout the run.

The syringe pumps & gear pumps cannot withstand high pressures and are not suitable for use with UPFP Flash columns which provide 500% higher loading and use 70% less solvent.

More information

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