Intelligent Modular Design

The modular design of puriFlash instruments provides a level of flexibility to meet changing purification requirements. Upgrade at any time to a higher pressure or higher flow pump, additional detector (ELSD, RI, MS) or additional collector.

HPLC Pump True Quaternary Gradient 800 ml/min, 145 PSI/10 bar

Save valuable hood space and locate the instrument on a bench with the fraction collector fume enclosure option.

UV Detector Dual Wavelength DAD 200 – 600 nm + Scanning

Fraction Collector 4 Racks, 176 x 18mm Tubes

Sample Loading Dry Load & Liquid Load High Volume, Through-Pump Multiple Injection Sequence

Full Size Keyboard Solvent Resistant

Integrated Column Holders

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • InterSoft 5.0, Free Upgrades
  • Solvent Level Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Ethernet Ready