PuriFlash® flash oprensningssystem PF-XS 520 Plus


puriFlash® XS 520 Plus is the most compact purification system that has ever been developed

Both, the unique technology and the quality of the pump will bring you a significant step forward in routine flash purification. Even with increased pressure, the puriFlash® XS 520 Plus system provides the same precision, linearity and reproducibility and allows sophisticated purification. You have high demands and so do we. That is why we have incorporated our entire expertise in the field of purification into one system, which is as compact as its price.

With its performance of 300 mL/min and 20 bar, you will be amazed by the countless applications you can carry out easily with one hand and the possibility to use a comprehensive range of preparative columns with an inside diameter of up to 80 mn (3“) and 4G to 800G Flash Columns.

When you connect the system with our 15 µm silica columns, you will be amazed by the enormous power capacity. Expect to obtain an unprecedented resolution and purity. Increasing the loading capacity and saving time, or both at the same time? It is up to you to decide in what way you would like to boost your productivity.

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