ROXY EC/LC for MS – Antec Scientific


Dedicated Electrochemistry/UHPLC System for EC/LC/MS

  • Fast metabolic screening of numerous samples
  • On-line EC/LC/MS of complex samples
  • Compatibility with any MS via contact closure
  • Mimicking oxidative stress/damage of proteins, DNA, lipids, etc.
  • Simulating nature’s Redox reaction

With the introduction of the ROXY™ EC/LC System, Antec brings Electrochemistry (EC) to the fingertips of every mass spectrometrist. It makes on-line EC/LC/MS for automated screening of numerous samples available for the first time. The system is based on state-of-the-art fluidics, implementing the ReactorCell™ as part of the autosampler. Furthermore specifically designed liquid handling programs allow for the addition of reagents, making Phase II reactions, i.e., adduct formation, in drug/xenobiotic metabolism easily accessible. Other applications include the studies of covalent drug-protein binding or the studies of reagents, e.g., antioxidants on biopolymers and their biotransformation (patent pending).
The system further comprises a binary high pressure gradient system to assure minimal dwell volume and access to a wide flow rate range, covering conventional HPLC (4.6 mm i.d. columns) down to microbore HPLC (1 mm i.d. columns).

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