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ROXY™ Potentiostat controls REDOX reactions

  • Stand alone or on-line EC/MS
  • Fully programmable, direct control, scan and activation mode
  • Large voltage range, ± 4.9 V
  • Multiple cell control (standard 2, optional up to 4)
  • Ideally suited for ChipCellReactorCellµ-PrepCell and SynthesisCell

The ROXY Potentiostat is recognised as one of the most powerful instruments for controlled REDOX reactions up-front Mass Spectrometric detection [1]. It fits with any MS and can be controlled easily via a contact closure.

The range of applications has grown from pharma applications such as drug metabolism, purposeful degradation and stability testing to other areas such as environmental degradation Lipidomics, Genomics, Foodomics, etc., including the synthesis of mg quantities of REDOX products.

The ROXY Potentiostat generates the metabolites of drugs or xenobiotics, similar to those generated during in vivo metabolic processes, but in a significantly shorter period of time (seconds vs. days or weeks) without any interfering components (no isolation steps required). In proteomics ROXY has become a powerful tool for the reduction of the disulfide bonds in proteins/peptides resulting in increased sequence coverage and easier assessment of disufide bonds in top-down and bottom-up approaches, including HDX/MS.

The ROXY Potentiostat is based on state-of-the-art electronics with a large voltage range of ± 4.9 V, current up to 20 mA and a push button electrode regeneration program. Operational parameters and external equipment can be controlled through programmable timed events via Antec’s Dialogue software.

Two in One!
The ROXY Potentiostat is available with a large variety of electrochemical reaction cells, e.g., ChipCell, ReactorCell, µ-PrepCell 2.0, SyntehsisCell, etc., and has the capability of controlling two cells independently. This is ideal for simultaneous use of different working electrodes or potentials (parallel mode) or multiple stage oxidation/reduction of target compounds (serial mode). The ROXY Potentiostat comes with a high precision oven for optimal conversion kinetics and reproducibility (ambient up to 45°C).

[1] Awarded as the most innovative product at Analytica 2010, Munich, Germany

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