SkillPak færdigpakkede kolonner – Tosoh Bioscience


SkillPak færdigpakkede kolonner til oprensning og separation klar til brug.

Med TOYOPEARL, TSKgel eller Ca++Pure-HA proceskromatografimedier.
Bruges til evaluering af biomolekyler, såsom monoklonale antistoffer, proteiner og oligonukleotider

All SkillPak columns guarantee optimal performance and can be operated with standard low- or medium-pressure liquid chromatography systems. They are reproducibly packed and take into account the varying compressibility of each resin. This provides an accurate representation of conditions found in full-scale columns.

SkillPak 1 (7 mm ID × 2.5 cm) and SkillPak 5 pre-packed columns (8 mm ID × 10 cm) are delivered ready to use with a broad range of TSKgel, TOYOPEARL, and Ca++Pure-HA media. They are designed for process development, method optimization, and parameter screening, as well as sample preparation.

SkillPak 50 (2.5 cm ID x 10 cm) and SkillPak 200 (5.0 cm ID x 10 cm) pre-packed columns are delivered ready to use with a broad range of TSKgel and TOYOPEARL media. They are ideally suited for seamless scale-up of chromatography processes. 

SkillPak BIO pre-packed columns are delivered ready to use as single columns or packs of multiple columns with TOYOPEARL media. They are the only dedicated pre-packed column on the market specifically designed for multi-column and continuous chromatography applications.

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific at or 7027 8565.