SPE 6.25WS – Interchim


  • An automated spe workstation:
  • User-Friendly / Compact / Affordable
  • The best Techno-Quality Solution for your R&D and Routine

Sample Preparation up to 50/100 samples/day

Sample Preparation is always a challenge and there is often a compromise to obtain the desired recovery, repeatability & throughput.

Interchim® is committed to guarantee you a daily pleasure of use while allowing you to overcome your challenges in sample preparation. Achieving this, Interchim just released a Compact, Techno-Quality and Affordable new spe workstation for your cleaning process prior to LC or GC analysis.
Concentrate of our expertise, this automated spe workstation is designed to exceed analyst today’s requirement.

The SPE 6.25ws will make your Sample Prep Easier, Intuitive & Productive.

Be confident, its high quality pump can run applications from 50 µL/min at up to 15 mL/min. The demanding specifications we setup guarantee, accuracy, repeatability and linearity over the full range. This spe workstation is suitable for 1,3 & 6 mL SPE columns. You get at least 9 collects per sample to secure the development of your method. The 9″ touch screen provides an incomparable working comfort and will maximized the benefits of our friendly-user software. Additional features will help users to transfer their manual to efficient automated methods.

The SPE 6.25ws has a very small footprint, this automated spe workstation is though to follow you everywhere as the system fits into all fume hoods.
Built to last, using high quality parts, it runs 24/7 with confidence.

More information

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific via e-mail info@md-scientific.dk or phone 7027 8565.