Validation tools


Validation Tools for Dissolution Test instruments.

Riggtek’s Validation Tools are suitable for Dissolution Test instruments of different brands / manufacturers and specially matched to RIGGTEK instruments. As far as possible, all Validation Tools will be delivered with certificate.

  • Validation Suitcase for Dissolution Testers
    We adjust our Validation Suitcase as far as possible to your brand of Dissolution Tester and your demands. Just contact us.
  • Balances
    All offered balances are matching to the specifications of RIGGTEK instruments, but are also suitable very well for all other kinds of Dissolution Test instruments.
  • Barometer
    Our Barometer is for the use with our DissoPrep (X8 or X15), but also suitable very well for other applications.
  • Thermometer
    Our Thermometer is useable in many ways, very reliable and precise.
  • Axis-Probe
    Our Axis-Probe is used for measuring the centering of the shafts of Dissolution Testers and very easy to use. It is useable for all open (High-Head) Dissolution Testers.
  • Level-Probe
    Our Level-Probe is used for measuring and setting the correct distance between paddles or baskets and the bottom of the vessels at Dissolution Testers. The distance can be easily measured and / or setted to the wished distnace. It is useable for all open (High-Head) Dissolution Testers.
  • Wobble-Meter
    Measure the Wobble of shafts and / or baskets of Dissolution Testers very easily and precisely with a Wooble-Meter, which can be easily fixed to the vessel. It is useable for all open (High-Head) Dissolution Testers.
  • Spirit Level
    With our certified Spirit Level you can quickly check the horizontality or verticality.
  • Digital Inclinometer
    Our self calibrating Digital Inclinometer makes a precise measuring of the horizontality or verticality fast and easy for you – best use for the EMC.
  • Tachometer
    Our Tachometer is suitable for up to 6000 RPM with a good stability, so best suitable for the PrepEngine
  • Stopwatch
    Our Stopwatch makes a precise time measuring easy for you.

For more details and prices, please contact MD Scientific via e-mail or phone +45 7027 8565.