SAMPILIO X8 (SX8) – autosampler – Riggtek


The disadvantage of conventional available samplers operating with peristaltic pumps are low precision and lifetime. At Samplers with syringe pumps high Dwell-volume and the noncompliance to the FIFO delivery principle (First In – First Out) is problematically.

Whereas SAMPILIO’s diaphragm pumps are working precisely and maintenance free long lasting. The FIFO delivery principle with low Dwell-volume makes dissolution analysis finally comparable to manual sampling!

The unique delivery system with individual, bidirectional pumps for each channel offers a wide range of applications like staggered sampling, real time or sipper connectivity to UV or HPLC. For UV or HPLC sampling a built in channel selector valve is available (option). HPLC analysis is operating time saving asynchronously during the dissolution test.

The special features of the Sampilio X8 summarized:

  • Lowest dead volume by innovative small-volume diaphragm pumps
  • Results are comparable to manual sampling (FIFO delivery principle)
  • Extremely short interval times of less than 2 minutes
  • Scalable number of sample rows
  • Cooling of the test tubes (option)
  • UV- or HPLC-Transfer (option)
  • Complete documentation (GLP)
  • Calibration and Validation Log Books
  • Printer interface
  • remote RC software (21 CFR part 11 compliant)
  • ISO 9000 certified production

Further information:

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