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In 2010 Interchim introduced Prep HPLC and Flash purification in a single system. Intermediate and final purification is now possible in a small footprint using software designed with the chemist in mind. The PuriFlash 4250 is a compact Prep HPLC which supports high throughput purification with ease and simplicity.

PuriFlash software unleashes the restrictions of traditional Prep HPLC. A single screen allows for method creation, editing and control of all parameters during the run. Complete control to alter tube collection volume, gradient slope, threshold, flow rate, etc. is now possible after the method has commenced.

The iQuat gradient pump provides a true quaternary gradient plus a dedicated purge line (A+B+C+D, i). A ten second isopropanol purge prepares the flow path for either normal or reverse phase. The pump allows for simultaneous mixing of four solvents up to 3625 PSI/250 bar from 1-250ml/min. The UV-DAD (diode array detection) includes real time full spectra scanning to analyze purity. Detector options include MS, ELSD, RI and Conductivity.

Column Switching

Set up two Prep columns or switch between Prep HPLC and Flash. Software-driven column switching allows for methods specific to either Prep HPLC or Flash, normal or reverse phase.

High Throughput Automation

Configure with an autosampler to support high throughput open access. High volume multiple injection sequence is a standard technique which supports a production environment. Click here for details.

Save Hood Space, Time and the Environment

The fume enclosure option permits bench-top installation, freeing up hood space for increased productivity. Reduce solvent consumption and run time up to 70% with UPFP.

Download the White Paper on Setting up Flash chromatography in your lab

PuriFlash® Flash Purification Systems

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