Couple a DAWN®miniDAWN® or μDAWN® multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detector to SEC or FFF for reliable characterization of distributions of molar mass / molecular weight, size, conjugation and conformation of macromolecules, aggregates, fragments, conjugates, colloids, and nanoparticles.

All measurements take place in solution, and are independent of inherently unreliable column calibration.


The world's most advanced light scattering instrument for absolute characterization of proteins, conjugates, macromolecules, and nanoparticles. The DAWN® HELEOS® II is the premier Multi-Angle static Light Scattering (MALS) detector for absolute characterization of the molar mass and size of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

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The miniDAWN® TREOS®

The miniDAWN® TREOS® II determines absolute molar mass and size to characterize proteins, peptides, small polymers and nanoparticles in solution. Coupled to size exclusion chromatography (SEC or GPC), it eliminates the uncertainty and hassle of column calibration, for true confidence in macromolecular characterization.

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The μDAWN®

The μDAWN® can be coupled to any UHPLC-SEC system to determine absolute molecular weights and sizes of polymers, peptides, or proteins directly, without resorting to column calibration or reference standards. The μDAWN produces minimal band broadening in order to maintain the narrow peaks typical of UHPLC, while meeting or exceeding the sensitivity of the miniDAWN.

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