Gas generators from F-DGSi

F-DGSi is considered the specialist in the gas generators business with their complete range of gas generators and accessories from F-DGSi, fulfilling the requirements of all laboratory analyzers such as: LCMS, GC, ICP, DEDL, IRTF, TOC, NMR, AA, electronic Noise, Rheology, Particle sizing by laser diffraction, DSC and Sample prep Autosamplers.

The F-DGSi generators enable you to produce Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Pure Air with purities higher than 99,9999%.

The flows of the nitrogen generators are unlimited, making it possible to supply several analytical instruments or a complete laboratory. The air or nitrogen generators can be equipped with quiet compressors, which makes them completely autonomous and usable in places where the air network is not available.

The products are manufactured in Europe in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

List of all gas generators from F-DGSi.

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