• Measuring vessels for OSMOMAT 3000/030/010 PU 1000, Order No. 30.9.0010
  • Measuring vessels for OSMOMAT auto. Order no.35.9.0010
    Gonotec measuring vessels are constantly controlled and grant thus the expected reproducibility of the measuring results.
  • Ink ribbon cassette PU 1, Order No. 30.9.1020 Original Gonotec endless-ink ribbon cassette
  • Printer paper PU 8 Order No. 30.9.1010 Original Gonotec rolls of printer paper
  • Cleaning paper for OSMOMAT auto. Order no. 35.9.1030
  • Thermistor probe for OSMOMAT 3000, 50 µl sample volume PU 1 Order No. 32.3.0010
  • Thermistor probe for OSMOMAT 3000-M, 15 µl sample volume PU 1 Order No. 32.3.2010

MD Scientific has all types of calibration standards and measuring vessels in stock.

Safety Data sheet: SDS-ID_1000107-3_EU(en)_2022-03-30-Gonotec

For more details and prices, please contact MD Scientific at info@md-scientific.dk or 7027 8565.

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