Service engineers

MD Scientific ApS has partnered with highly qualified service engieers with many years of experience working with a broad portfolio of advanced laboratory instruments, and MD Scientific can therefore provide full service on all the instruments we sell, with for example:

  • Installation
  • testing
  • Calibration
  • Validation
  • Repair
  • Maintaining
In addition we can offer advice and courses.

Regular participation in courses with our suppliers

Both product specialists and service engineers in the MD Scientific keep up to date with new methods and new technology by regular attendance at courses at the producers.

In addition, the qualifications of our service engineers are also maintained through a cooperation with leading European service organizations and participation in certificate qualifying courses.

Service agreements

After expiration of the warranty period, we offer different service:

  • payment as per account rendered
  • all-inclusive service agreement for one or more years, which covers all costs associated with the servicing of the instrument, incl. spare parts, travel and labour costs.
  • other individual service according to customer requirements.

Please contact us to learn more about the possibilies: