MD Scientific specializes in sales and service of laboratory equipmentaccessories and software from reputable international companies. We have serviced Danish and Scandinavian companies, hospitals and universities since 1991 with installation, validation, service, consulting and training.

We have particular expertise in:

✓ HPLC, GC and GPC / SEC instruments and columns
✓ GC and SPE columns and accessories
✓ Nitric Oxide Analyzer (liquid and gas)
✓ Light scattering instruments

See our instruments or columns and accessories selection.


✓ Complete macromolecular characterization using størrrelseskromatografi
✓ Viscosimetry and lysspredningsdetektion (LS)
✓ Liquid chromatography (UHPLC / HPLC / LC)
✓ Flash chromatography
✓ Osmometry
✓ Dissolution systems
✓ Separation Systems
✓ Electrochemical reactors for MS & synthesis
✓ Gas generators
✓ Equipment for testing of materials