NOx Plus Sp Met – monitoring and delivery system for inhaled NO. Measures NO, NO2 , and O2. Also available with pulse oximetry and peripheral Methemoglobin monitoring capabilities.

MGA 400, 800 – electrochemical multigas analyzer with 4 or 8 sensing capabilities, focusing on H2S, NO, NO2, CO, NH3.

CELLNO – a sterile, standard platform for growing cell cultures which can be fully integrated with NOA 280i to monitor all NO released from the media in a closed circuit. CellNO is designed to eliminate foaming of samples especially samples containing high amount of proteins.

Nitrite & S-Nitrosothiol Stabilizing Serum – a platform to extend the shelf life of samples by preventing the decay of NO concentration in high protein liquids like blood. Amber vials will be sold in a small variety of sample volumes. Solution extends viability of biological samples from a few minutes to a few weeks.

NO2 to NO converter – previously available from GE/Sievers, this unit reduces the levels of NO2 in the incoming gas to less than 2 ppm using a novel catalytic reduction process. This technology not only reduces NO2, but allows it to be measured as it is converted back to NO. This product is still in developmental stages, and is intended for use in conjunction with our family of NO analyzers (NOA 280i, NOx Plus, MGA 400)

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific via e-mail or phone +45 7027 8565.

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