Dissolution media preparation systems – equipment for preparation of media

With our Riggtek products you get a total solution for dissolution and maximize your efficiency.
• DissoPrep mixesheats and degasses your media.
• EasyDISS is a dissolution bath for dissolving your samples.
• The Sampilio autosampler, with its specially designed pumps, is great for fast, small and precise sampling.

Besides it proven precision and reliabilty, the easy handling is always a big advantage of the DissoPrep. A further unique feature is now the standard DissoPrep-Browser-Interface. It integrates your DissoPrep fast and easily in your IT-infrastructure and allows you an easy administration of methods, reports and users with your (Internet-)Browser.

There is no need for any software-installation or software-validation. And saving reports as pdf-documents or printing on network printers is possible easily as well.

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