Estimate antibody glycosylation patterns and their affinity for the Fc receptor


12 November 2021

  • Separation of mAbs according to Fc receptor affinity
  • Analysis of supernatant or purified mAbs
  • Fast HPLC analysis (20-30 min)
  • Estimate mAb glycosylation
  • Estimate antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity activity (ADCC)

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Product used

TSKgel FcR-IIIA columns are based on a recombinant Fc gamma IIIa receptor which is immobilized as a ligand on polymer particles. They separate monoclonal antibodies according their affinity to the receptor and enable a fast analysis of biological activity as well as fractionation along with biological activity

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How to improve antibody fragment capturing in batch

27 October 2021

On 3 November 2021 at 1 pm, Jonas Wege, Application Specialist at Tosoh Bioscience will present ways to improve antibody fragment capturing in batch and continuous processing at the Bioprocess International Digital Week.

We invite you to register for free to the whole virtual event and attend inspiring talks around late stage bioprocessing and viral vectors.

HT EcoSEC GPC/SEC system from Tosoh Bioscience

13 October 2021

ecosec_ht The EcoSEC GPC System is a dedicated GPC instrument developed for fast polymer analysis.

The all-in-one System delivers top performance, reliability and superior results.

  • Retention times are independent of temperature fluctuations in the lab
  • Dual flow RI detection for unmatched baseline stability
  • Excellent precision of retention times for accurate mass measurement.
  • Very low dead volume for improved resolution and molar mass distribution accuracy.

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Pre-packed columns for fast method development

13 September 2021

In this 7-minutters video on LinkedIn, you will be introduced to the SkillPak 1 mL and 5 mL pre-packed columns developed by Tosoh Bioscience.

The SkillPak columns offer high performance, convenience, and scalability. They are delivered ready-to-use, packed with the right chromatography media to tackle all your purification needs.

Tosoh Bioscience designed them for process development, method optimization, and parameter screening, as well as sample preparation.

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PuriFlash purification systems

1 September 2021

Unique systems from Interchim for flash and preparative purification of small molecules and complex biological samples.


puriFlash® 5.250

From flash to preparative purification
Loading range: from 10 mg to 20 g
Max. pressure: 250 bar


puriFlash® XS 520 Plus

The most compact and cost-effective purification system
Flow rate: 300 ml/min
Max. pressure: 20 bar

Come and have a look at an effective dissolution system for media preparation

16 August 2021

MD Scientific participates as usual in LabDays in Aarhus on 15-16 September 2021

Come by stand no. 59 and have a chat and see some of the equipment we sell.


Column to determine the ability of antibodies to trigger an immune reaction

30 June 2021

Glycans determine the ability of antibodies to trigger an immune reaction and therefore their therapeutic effects. How about predicting this, using fast and simple affinity chromatography?

The TSKgel FcR-IIIA-NPR separation column challenges established mAb glycan analysis methods

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World-class light scattering instruments

16 June 2021

MD Scientific is an authorized distributor in Denmark for the internationally recognized American company Wyatt, which is known for their research and development in light scattering equipment.

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Dissolution systems – media preparation equipment

1 June 2021

With our Riggtek products you get a total solution for dissolution and maximize your efficiency.

  • DissoPrep mixesheats and degasses your media.
  • EasyDISS is a dissolution bath for dissolving your samples.
  • The Sampilio autosampler, with its specially designed pumps, is great for fast, small and precise sampling.

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Osmometers for pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and medical laboratories

11 May 2021

Gonotec’s wide range of osmometers is used for determining the osmolality of aqueous solutions in laboratories in hospitals, universities and in small and large companies:

  • Products designed for pharmaceutical and biological laboratories: Osmomat 3000, Osmomat 3000 basic, Chloride Meter CM20, Osmomat auto.
  • Products designed for chemical laboratories: Osmomat 010, Osmomat 070, Osmomat 090, Control Unit SA.
  • Products designed for medical laboratories: Osmomat 3000, Osmomat 3000 basic, Chloride Meter CM20, Osmomat auto, Osmomat 050.

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New column to correlate structural and functional properties of antibodies with differences in FcγIIIa receptor affinity

20 April 2021

Tosoh Bioscience has introduced a new column – TSKgel® FcR-IIIA-5PW – that will help you correlate structural and functional properties of antibodies with differences in FcγIIIa receptor affinity, a property that directly affects immune response and function.

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ROXY Exceed for EC-MS

18 March 2021

ROXY ™ Exceed is a new generation of Potentiostat dedicated to online and off-line coupling of electrochemistry with mass spectrometry (EC-MS)

  • Suitable for on- and off-line EC-MS
  • Fully programmable DC, Scan and Pulse mode
  • Compatible with all LC-MS systems

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New approach to separation chromatography for LC/MS analysis

20 January 2021

MD Scientific can offer a new approach to separation chromatography using micro pillar µPAC columns for LC/MS analysis from Pharma Fluidics.

The µPACᵀᴹ capLC column gives increased robustness and throughput without losing sensitivity.

A flow rate versatility between 1 and 15 µL/min at moderate pressures enables short gradient separations. The µPAC™ technology ensures an exceptionally high reproducibility over time and across laboratories. This makes the µPAC™ capLC column ideally suited for applications such as (clinical) proteomics, metabolomics and biopharmaceutical analyses.

The column is compatible with all commercially available capillary LC systems, and can be integrated smoothly in any experimental set-up.

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