SkillPakBIO forMCC

24 April 2023

SkillPak BIO pre-packed columns are the only pre-packed column specifically designed for multi-column and continuous chromatography applications. They perfectly complement Tosoh Biosciences Octave BIO MCC system and TOYOPEARL resins, but will also facilitate process development on any other MCC system.

You will get 25% off all SkillPak columns until the end of May.

New catalogue with Shodex polymer-based HPLC columns

29 March 2023

Shodex has published their

New digital catalogue 2023-2024

Download the new catalogue from the website (

HT EcoSec GPC/SEC system fra Tosoh Bioscience

8 March 2023

The EcoSEC GPC System is a dedicated GPC instrument developed for fast polymer analysis.The all-in-one System delivers top performance, reliability and superior results.

  • Retention times are independent of temperature fluctuations in the lab
  • Dual flow RI detection for unmatched baseline stability
  • Excellent precision of retention times for accurate mass measurement.
  • Very low dead volume for improved resolution and molar mass distribution accuracy.

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Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography for protein analysis – webinar

1 February 2023

Webinar on 14 February 2023, 3-3:45 pm.

Tosoh Bioscience invites you to attend the upcoming 30 min webinar dedicated to Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography – HIC. On February 14, Andrea Krumm, Product Manager Analytical Columns, will present how powerful Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography is in analyzing proteins.

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New dissolution tester

4 January 2023

Riggtek has launched a new Dissolution Tester series “Dissilio”, which represents innovative and reliable technology for tablet testing, and is easy to use.

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