Nitrogen gas generators for the lab

28 October 2022

F-DGS has launched a new nitrogen gas generator for LCMS that can work with equipment from various companies.

The new gas generator – CALYPSO – with 4 models, 15 L/min to 64 L/min, the CALYPSO Nitrogen range provide a nitrogen solution for LCMS instrument with an increase pressure of 8 bar (116 psi).

The generator is controlled using the latest in color touch screen technology to display the process in real time, inlet / outlet pressure, N2 Flow and status of the system with remote access for diagnostic control.

See the large selection of gas generators from F-DGSi.

HT EcoSEC GPC/SEC system from Tosoh Bioscience

21 September 2022

The EcoSEC GPC System is a dedicated GPC instrument developed for fast polymer analysis.The all-in-one System delivers top performance, reliability and superior results.

  • Retention times are independent of temperature fluctuations in the lab
  • Dual flow RI detection for unmatched baseline stability
  • Excellent precision of retention times for accurate mass measurement.
  • Very low dead volume for improved resolution and molar mass distribution accuracy.

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How a column facilitates combination of SEC with MS

24 August 2022

The TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS simplifies the combination of SEC analysis of biotherapeutics combined with MS by delivering superior performance in shedding, equilibration time, and ionization efficiency.

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Meet MD Scientific at LabDays 2022

17 August 2022

Come and meet us at LabDays on 7-8 September 2022 at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen.

Stand no. 57

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New dissolution tester

6 July 2022

Riggtek has launched a new Dissolution Tester series “Dissilio”, which represents innovative and reliable technology for tablet testing, and is easy to use.

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A dedicated SEC column for MALS and MS analyses

18 May 2022

Tosoh Bioscience has launced a new addition to their portfolio: the TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS. With its drastically reduced noise, it simplifies and improves your SEC-MALS (multi-angle light scattering) and SEC-MS (mass spectrometry) analyses of biotherapeutics.

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Dissolution systems – media preparation equipment

6 April 2022

With our Riggtek products you get a total solution for dissolution and maximize your efficiency.

DissoPrep mixes, heats and degasses your media.

EasyDISS is a dissolution bath for dissolving your samples.

The Sampilio autosampler, with its specially designed pumps, is great for fast, small and precise sampling.

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Pre-packed columns for fast method development

2 March 2022

SkillPak 1 mL and 5 mL pre-packed columns have been developed by Tosoh Bioscience.

The SkillPak columns offer high performance, convenience, and scalability. They are delivered ready-to-use, packed with the right chromatography media to tackle all your purification needs.

Tosoh Bioscience designed them for process development, method optimization, and parameter screening, as well as sample preparation.

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PuriFlash purification systems

26 January 2022

Unique systems from Interchim for flash and preparative purification of small molecules and complex biological samples.


puriFlash® 5.250

From flash to preparative purification
Loading range: from 10 mg to 20 g
Max. pressure: 250 bar

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puriFlash® XS 520 Plus

The most compact and cost-effective purification system
Flow rate: 300 ml/min
Max. pressure: 20 bar

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