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TSKgel® HPLC columns
Tosoh Bioscience offers a broad range of prepacked columns for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). They include the most widely used modes of liquid chromatography, such as ion exchange, hydrophobic and hydrophilic interaction, reversed phase, size exclusion, and affinity.

TSKgel® columns for high-performance liquid chromatography are renowned for their quality and reliability. Filled with high purity silica or polymer based resins and functionalized with a broad range of ligands the columns are utilized in a variety of research and day-to-day applications. Over 500 scientific publications, using TSKgel® columns, prove their outstanding quality and cutting-edge technology.

For over thirty years Tosoh has continued to be the world leader in the analysis of proteins—our silica based TSKgel® SW columns are the industry standard for size exclusion chromatography (SEC) of proteins.

The latest additions to the column portfolio comprise HILIC and reversed phase columns, filled with sub 3 µm particles, are ideally suited for fast, high resolution and high sensitivity LC-MS analysis, as well as new SEC columns for improved antibody analysis

The “mode” of chromatography is usually defined by a combination of a certain stationary phase type with a certain mobile phase type. In order to generate a chromatogram that is suitable for qualitative or quantitative purposes, bonded phase chemistry, column dimensions, and particle and pore sizes are parameters that need to be optimized.

Click on each mode listed below for a short tutorial on the mode, including an animated video, as well as the variety of TSKgel columns offered in that mode.

Chromatography mode
Types of Compounds analyzed

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