Air production compressor


The F-DGSi Alliance Air Compressor module produces continuous, high quality oil-free, pre-dried air from an internal compressor.

The Alliance Air Compressor module is the ideal solution for providing compressed air to a Zero Air and Nitrogen Generator, and for powering pneumatic valves or other applications in the lab.
The Alliance Air Compressor module can be stack to any Alliance stack H2, Zero Air and Nitrogen generators, typically as the base unit – to give you a complete self-contained GC gas solution, even where no house supply is available.
Thanks to a unique compressor mounting system, the Alliance Air Compressor module also benefits from low noise and vibration making it relatively quiet in operation within a typical laboratory.
In order to supply our generators with compressed air, we have chosen a range of silent, without oil easy to service compressors, ideal for laboratory applications.

OF Compressors are non lubrified pistons, they thus work without oil, they also present the lowest, sound low level of the market, as well as are reliability and have a better life expectancy.
The range proposed high quality compressors, flow rate varied from 20 to 260 L/min. Several models are associated with reservoirs which has capacity evolving between 4 and 40L.
They are quite, specially dedicated to the demanding applications of laboratory.


OF Series air compressors offer high reliability and long life expectancy due to their technological choices : unique cooling system – ultra resistant piston rings and segments.

These Oil-free piston air compressors ensure the production of clean air to meet the constraints of laboratory applications.

A full range of compressor which having a good flexibility for installation and use, particularly in cases of integration of existing facilities. Different outletport, adjustable feet, several mounting options.

Tanks lined with a corrosion protection ensures high hygienic air quality throughout the life of the reservoir.


  • Piston compressor, without oil and silent
  • Noise level and vibration very low
  • Flow rate 20 L/min to 260 L/min with a maximum pressure of 8 or 10 bar (116 or 145 psi) according to models
  • Available with soundproof and ventilated box, in order to be installed into the laboratory (version M)
  • An automatic drain is fit in standard on the soundproof models and is in option for the others
  • Available with air dryer to ensure 100% clean dry and oil free air (version D or Q)
  • Outlet connection : 1/4 GF
  • Routine maintenance minimal : air inlet filter every 2000h, non-return valve and 5 μm filter every 4000h

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific at or 7027 8565.