ION EXCHANGE – Anion exchange – GSKgel SAX



The TSKgel SAX column is packed with 5 µm, porous, spherical polymer beads which are surface modified with a strong anion exchange group. They are used for the separation of isomerized sugars, alcohols, and low molecular weight organic acids.

Hydrolysis products of cyclooctaphosphate

Column:          TSKgel SAX, 5 µm, 4 mm ID × 25 cm
Mobile phase: 0.4 mol/L KCI, 0.1% EDTA, pH 10.2
Sample:           cyclooctaphosphate hydrolysis products
A. 0 hours
B. 12 hours
C. 24 hours


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
007157 TSKgel SAX 6 mm ID x 15 cm L

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