Modular alliance laboratory gas generators for GC


Advantages with “Modular Alliance”

  • Wide range of standard and high purity H2, N2 and Zero Air generators
  • Modular system offering a GC gas supply solution specific to your laboratory
  • Stackable design allowing you to save space in the laboratory
  • Combinations available for single and Multiple GC applications
  • Very low maintenance throughout the range without opening any covers
  • Touch screen display showing the status of the system with auto- diagnostics in case of alarms
  • PEM technology with double gas column dryer regeneration for Hydrogen
  • PSA fast purity for UHP Nitrogen
  • Unique USB port allowing remote control system for multiples modules

Possible Combinations:

  • Zero Air + Hydrogen
  • Zero Air + Nitrogen
  • Zero Air + Nitrogen + Hydrogen
  • All modules available separately

Download brochure for the Modular Alliance Laboratory Gas Generators for GC (PDF-file)

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific at or 7027 8565.