Flash and Prep HPLC in one instrument

Combine the simplicity of Flash purification with the power to run Prep HPLC columns into one instrument. Switch from normal to reverse phase in less than 10 seconds.

Intelligent Modular Design

The modular design of puriFlash instruments provides a level of flexibility to meet changing purification requirements. Upgrade at any time to a higher pressure or higher flow pump, additional detector (ELSD, RI, MS) or additional collector.

HPLC Pump True Quaternary Gradient, 250 ml/min, 1450 PSI/100 bar

Save valuable hood space and locate the instrument on a bench with the fraction collector fume enclosure option.

UV Detector Dual Wavelength DAD 200 – 600 nm + Scanning, Spectral View & Purity Confirmation

Fraction Collector 4 Racks, 176 x 18mm Tubes

Sample Loading Flash – Dry Load & Liquid Load, HPLC – Inline Loop Injection, High Volume, Through-Pump, Multiple Injection Sequence

Full Size Keyboard Solvent Resistant

Integrated Column Holders, Flash and Prep HPLC

PF4100: Part No. PF4100-250

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • InterSoft 5.0, Free Upgrades
  • Solvent Level Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • 4 USB Ports Ethernet Ready

Preparative HPLC on a medium pressure instrument

It is a common mis-conception that Prep HPLC requires an instrument rated to 3000 PSI / 200 bar. The ultimate goal is to achieve purity under reverse phase conditions and the HPLC column is the most influential component. High efficiency columns packed with either 10μ or 15μ bonded silica routinely provide 100% purity using acetonitrile: water gradients.

Switch from Flash to Prep HPLC in 10 seconds

Simply purge with propanol for 10 seconds and the instrument is ready to equilibrate a column in normal phase Flash or reverse phase Prep HPLC. With four solvent inlets (ABCD), many puriFlash users dedicate AB to reverse phase and CD to normal phase. Purging with propanol is as simple as clicking the purge button on the touch screen controller.

For more details and price, please contact MD Scientific at info@md-scientific.dk or 7027 8565.