The TRS100™ enables fast, easy to use content uniformity & polymorph analysis for regulated pharmaceutical testing.

Streamlined Quality Control Testing

  • Assay hundreds of tablets or capsules in minutes
  • Works with intact capsules, coated tablets and 10mm thickness
  • No sample preparation, wet chemistry or skilled resource
  • Quantify APIs and excipients in a single measurement
  • LOQ as low as 0.1% w/w – Even for polymorphs in intact tablets
  • Lean calibration models – Easy to build and maintain
  • Methods approved by regulators

Transmission Raman for Quality Control

The TRS100 enables high-throughput, non-destructive, non-invasive bulk assay of all common dosage forms without sample preparation. Easier to implement than other spectroscopic methods, Cobalt’s transmission Raman (TRS™) technology allows simple method-development and deployment in QC applications.

Replacing HPLC

Using a single TRS100 an operator can replace 8-10 HPLC units and their operators. The TRS100 has a flexible sample tray system that can work with coated tablets, intact capsules, glass vials and powders to measure hundreds of samples per hour. Sample preparation and consumable items are not required. CU testing methods using Transmission Raman are approved by regulators. Switching to TRS from HPLC allows significant cost savings per batch and streamlined method development.

Other Applications

The TRS100 can be used for other applications, including quantitative measurement of polymorphic content in intact tablets <1% w/w – significantly better than XRPD. For formulation development work, the ease and flexibility of model building makes TRS a practical alternative to wet methods.

World’s First International Pharmaceutical Seminar on Transmission Raman Spectroscopy:

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