Optilab and microOptilab™ refractive index (dRI) detectors are utilized primarily for on-line measurement of analyte concentration in SEC-MALS and FFF-MALS, and for determination of analyte dn/dc (refractive index increment), and the absolute refractive index (aRI) of solvents.

Optilab dRI detectors serve as universal concentration detectors since no chromaphore or fluorophore is necessary. Required for Conjugation Analysis.


An on-line differential refractometer with extended range for universal concentration and dn/dc measurements.

The Optilab provides both exquisite sensitivity and 50 times the dynamic range of every other RI detector available. It is the only on-line detector offering temperature control both above and below ambient, as well as measurement of the absolute refractive index of solvents. A high concentration version measures protein concentration up to 180 mg/mL.

Universal Detection for UHPLC and SEC-MALS

Independent of Chromaphores

Independent of chromaphores or fluorophores, differential Refractive Index (dRI) detectors measure concentrations of all types of samples in almost all solvents. The microOptilab™ brings the universal detection capabilities, unsurpassed concentration range, and superb sensitivity and linearity – familiar from the Optilab – to the domain of UHPLC.

Application Note

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