ROXY™ Exceed for EC-MS – Antec Scientific


ROXY ™ Exceed is a new generation of Potentiostat dedicated to online and off-line coupling of electrochemistry with mass spectrometry (EC-MS)

  • Suitable for on- and off-line EC-MS
  • Fully programmable DC, Scan and Pulse mode
  • Compatible with all LC-MS systems

The ROXY™ Exceed is a new generation Potentiostat dedicated for coupling Electrochemistry with Mass Spectrometry (EC-MS). In on-line mode the ROXY Exceed can be used in direct infusion mode, for flow injection analysis, or with any type of LC-MS system. Applications and publications are available for using the ROXY in HDX-MS, top-down or bottom-up LC-MS proteomics. In off-line mode the ROXY Exceed is mainly used for electrochemical synthesis and for the collection of electrochemically generated products. Collected fractions are used for further analysis.

The Potentiostat is based on state-of-the-art electronics. It has a large voltage and current range of ± 4.9 V and 1 nA – 100 mA, respectively. It supports different modes of operation, DC, Scan, and Pulse for highest yields under the most challenging applications. The Exceed can be controlled via a contact closure from any LC-MS system by using Dialogue (Antec Scientific) or Chromeleon™ CDS (Thermo Fisher Scientific) software.

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