T.FID.MB.H2 hydrogen/zero air gas generator – FDGSi


Tower High Purity Hydrogen / Zero Air in one box

  • Hydrogen/Zero Air 

This unit can provide both hydrogen gas and zero grade air to FID detectors on Gas Chromatographs. Hydrogen gas is produced from deionised water using the exclusive 100% titanium Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology for H2, which provides a very high reliability and new longer life. Zero air is produced by purifying compressed air sourced from the air network to a total hydrocarbon concentration of < 0.05 ppm (measured as methane).

The T.FID.MB.H2 generator combines the hydrogen serie MB.H2 and Zero air serie ZA generators in one unit. The touch screen LCD interface provides simple and user friendly management of all functions on the unit.

Reference : T.FID.MB.H2.(H2 / Zero Air flow rate)


  • Innovation and unique design: space saving lab bench
  • H2 + ZERO AIR: all in one
  • LCD touch screen interface
    • HC < 0.05 ppm
    • CO < 0.05 ppm
    • Fow available : 1.8; 5 L/min
    • External clean and dry air compressor required at maxi. 7 bar (101 psi)
    • Flow rate available : 100, 160, 250, 300, 500, 600 cc/min
    • Exclusive 100% PEM titanium cell
    • Pressure up to 11 bar (160 psi)
    • Hydrogen purity: >99.9996%
    • Drying system: static membrane dryer, maintenances-free
    • Built in water tank capacity of 5L: No need of external water tank
    • Remote PC monitoring and diagnostic analysis via USB to interface the unit with customer’s PC software (allow to carry out checks and maintenance effectively, only via a remote connection)

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