THEMISTO MP Combined N2/Air Gas generator for MP-AES


  • Nitrogen/Air
  • MP-AES

The THEMISTO MP dual flow generator has been specifically designed to meet the Nitrogen for plasma support gas monochromator purge and air supply for POP gas or monochromator air purge for MP-AES instrument.

The THEMISTO MP has two operation modes :
Either 25 L/min N2 at 99.5% for organic analysis or 10 L/min N2 at 99.95% for Sulfur analysis with a supporting air supply of up to 36.5 L/min.

The THEMISTO MP is available with integrated oil free air compressor using the Energy Saving Technology mode (EST). Fitted with an oxygen sensor, THEMISTO MP will alert you when N2 purity has been reched.

The Generator is controlled using the latest color touch screen technology to display the process in real time, inlet / outlet pressures and status of the system with remote access for diagnostic control.

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