Universal LC-GC Interface for all GCs


The universal interface for professional and routine capable LC-GC coupling applicable for all GC and GCMS systems

Since decades the concept of coupling HPLC to GC is well-known. Only recently, this technology reached the required robustness and capability for a routine application. An essential application is the determination of mineral oil hydrocarbons in food and packaging (MOSH/MOAH). However, many other applications are feasible using this technique as for example the determination of sterols for quality control, the determination of PCB and PAH in oils or the analysis of plasticizers and pesticides in food. The operator benefits from a high level of automation, high throughput, minimization of contamination, excellent reproducibility and increased sensitivity. The upstream LC serves the matrix separation. Thus, only relevant fractions for the measurement of the sample enter the GC.

Axel Semrau® developed the LC-GC Interface, a device that makes the above-mentioned technique available for all gas chromatographs and GC-MS systems. The LC-GC module includes all necessary gas regulations, valve control and the essential temperature and read-out units. The (HP)LC-GC Interface transfers one or more (bundled) HPLC fractions to a gas chromatograph. Thereby, sample volumes up to 1,000 µL and more may be transmitted to the GC or GC-MS system. The basic principle of this technique is the large-volume injection during a retention gap, which is coupled to an analytical column. The eluents from the HPLC are vaporized removed from the system. The latter step is realized through a defined valve switch until the desired amount of solvent remains in the system. Finally, the gas chromatographic analysis is performed.

The entire control of the process is carried out by the interface. The LC-GC Interface is fully integrated into the CHRONOS platform, which is characterized by its simple, intuitive handling and allows networking with third-party software.

Applying this interface, the access to LC-GC technology is simple. Application fields increase steadily which makes this interface a safe investment. The option to connect already existing gas chromatographs expands the group of users and application fields enormously.

Advantages of the LC-GC technology

  • High level of automation, elimination of manual work steps
  • Fast and high-throughput analytics
  • Matrix separation through an upstream LC
  • Minimization of contamination
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Improved sensitivity

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